Area Rug Washing | Dublin GA

Area Rug Washing | Dublin GA 478-272-1533All American Carpet Care & Restoration takes great pride in the care and cleaning of your treasured area rugs. You can count on our trained carpet care specialists to clean whatever your area rugs may require. They will work hard to remove the most stubborn stains and odors found in your area rugs.

To guarantee that the dyes will not discolor or run, we will safely pretest a tiny section of your area rug. Next, we will remove all the ground in debris and dirt by carefully vacuuming the carpet’s fibers.

All of the machines All American Carpet Care & Restoration uses are gentle when cleaning to help protect the fibers and pile of your valued area rugs. We use nontoxic reliable pretreatment solutions to spot and clear any nasty stains we find. At every step of the cleaning process, we check the rug to maintain its quality and beauty.

Refresh your area rugs with our gentle cleaning products and techniques. Let us give you a hand maintaining the beauty of your rugs. You’ll instantly notice a fresh, fragrant quality in the air and from your rugs as the All American Carpet Care & Restoration team starts the job!

Cleaning tips: Vacuuming is your primary source of cleaning. First, vacuum the face fibers thoroughly. Second, turn rug over and vacuum the back slowly so the beater bar on your vacuum cleaner can vibrate the embedded soiling. Gently pull rug back and vacuum soil off the floor. Repeat this process until you do not see anymore soiling. You will be amazed at the difference. Remove spots as manufacturer recommends.