Pet Stain Remvoval Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove pet urine from carpet or rugs?

Pet Stain Removal | Dublin GA 478-272-1533Absolutely! But you need to act FAST. Pet urine can cause damage to textiles as well as create an unhealthy indoor living environment. If left for months, it may permanently change the dye structure of the fabric and cause the fiber to deteriorate. Top prevent permanent staining, clean urine deposits immediately. See below for some emergency tips.

How can you remove pet stains yourself?

You can prevent further damage by doing this first aid treatment. This will solve minor pet problems, but for more severe problems, contact All American Carpet Care & Restoration.

1. If you have pets, use a wet vacuum! Don’t get a stack of paper towels to mash the urine into the padding. Use a wet vac or a small spot removal machine to suck up any liquid. This will allow the worst of the problem to be sucked up out of the fiber. Only if nothing else is available, use paper towels. But a wet vacuum will be of much more help.

2. After you’ve removed all the liquid you possibly can, treat the area with a neutral PH spot remover or enzyme. Do NOT use Resolve. You can dilute clear dish washing liquid at 1-to-10 ratio and use this in a pitch.

3. Rinse the spot with plain water. After you’ve extracted as much of the pet stain as possible and then treated it with a proper cleaning agent, pour some water over the spot and extract again with your we vacuum.

How will All American Carpet Care & Restoration remove pet stains?

You can see the diagram below that shows how we treat your carpet and pad. And then we extract the deodorizer with a special tool using our power truck mounted extraction system.
Pet Stain Removal | Dublin GA 478-272-1533

What’s the BIGGEST mistake?

The big mistake is doing nothing. Besides the fact that pet stains are unhealthy, they can eat away the fibers of carpet, rugs, and upholstery. FAST action is required. Use the tips in this guide the next time you have a pet problem.