Tile & Grout Cleaning | Dublin GA

Tile & Grout Cleaning | Dublin GA 478-272-1533One of the biggest benefits of having tile is easy cleaning. In order to keep tile looking its best every so often it should be cleaned by a professional. Here at All American Carpet Care & Restoration, we know how important keeping your tile looking its best. Our friendly and professional technicians are ready to help you get your tile squeaky clean and looking like new.

While more durable than carpeting, over time tile will begin to dull due to buildup and foot traffic. Although at home cleaning products can keep your tile clean, they often leave buildup that will dull tile over a 1 to 2 year period. This buildup is also likely to have seeped into your porous grout. Grout normally absorbs buildup at the rate of a few millimeters a year. Over a 1 to 2 year period, those millimeters add up, and they leave you with grout  dirty and dingy. At All American Carpet Care and Restoration, our state of the art cleaning system can remove this buildup as well as restore the natural color and luster of your tile and grout.

Sanitation is the biggest reason we recommend that our customers allow us to clean and sanitize the grout and tile surfaces in their home every year or two. Despite constant cleaning, tile and grout, particularly in the bathroom and on kitchen counter tops, tends to absorb germs and bacteria. Once these germs and bacteria sink into the grout and tile ordinary cleaners aren’t able to kill them. Our patented cleaning system uses pasteurized super-heated water, gentle cleaner, and high powered suction to clean and sanitize safely.

Cleaning tips: Vacuum your tile/grout floors. Sweeping will push fine particles in the grout lines. Use a neutral cleaner and follow the labeled instructions. Remember, more is not better. After cleaning use plain water to rinse. This will remove cleaning agent’s residue to prevent sticky floors.